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About Us

As passionate educators, we want to revolutionise the way online safety and digital wellbeing is taught to students across Australia.

Steve Villani

Presenter & Co-Founder

Bachelor of Exercise & Sport Science 2009
Graduate Diploma in Education (Primary) 2010

Steve is a founding partner of the Evolve Education team. He is a passionate educator with over 10 years of experience in Australian and International schools. Steve has recently returned from a teaching sabbatical in Italy sharing his expertise in Digital Technologies. He is a leader in digital innovation across the schools he has worked in, achieving whole-school cultural change through the implementation of cloud-based technology (Office 365 and G-Suites), to improve collaboration and boost productivity between staff, the school community, and students. 

Steve’s ethos is firmly grounded in respect, openness, and building genuine relationships. He prides himself on being able to build and maintain an outstanding rapport with students and is an engaging and effective presenter. Steve also has extensive expertise in curriculum and planning development, using the integration of digital games such as Minecraft Education to elevate teaching and learning outcomes. 

Steve works with school stakeholders to develop visionary programs in digital technologies as part of a school’s strategic plan. His experience with the International Baccalaureate Curriculum (IB) and his broad knowledge of the Victorian and Australian Curriculum enables him to work with a wide range of school environments.

Rebecca Martin

Presenter & Co-Founder

(Bachelor of Education, Melbourne University 2009)

Rebecca is a founding partner of the Evolve Education team. She is an innovative leader in digital technologies education. Her extensive expertise in emerging digital technologies is pivotal in providing a truly integrated approach to curriculum development to promote teaching and learning.

Rebecca strives to ensure all schools have a sustainable, safe and strategic vision in regard to Digital Technologies. She prepares students for an increasingly technological world, empowering the groups she works with to contribute safely and positively in online environments.

Rebecca has worked extensively across primary levels to ensure age-appropriate digital wellbeing and cybersafety. She also works with staff, parents and the wider community ensuring adults understand the challenges young people face in an online world. Current research informs all Evolve presentations, drawing from research from the E-Safety Commissioner and the online preferences of primary-aged children such as Fortnite, Social Media platforms, and Youtube.

Rebecca has an extensive understanding of the benefits and challenges when implementing ‘Bring your own device’ (BYOD) in schools. She has a comprehensive knowledge of the variety of BYOD models and can help navigate the legal obligations and educational demands of the school. She also can assist with policy writing for handheld devices and mobile phone conduct.

How We Create Change

We ENGAGE students to create positive change in the online world and respond to negative online experiences effectively.

We EDUCATE parents and carers by bridging the digital divide to address the current and forthcoming challenges posed by online environments.

We EMPOWER educators with practical strategies and procedures to respond effectively to student disclosures and shed light on the vast experiences students face online.

We help our clients EVOLVE by implementing online safety education that is sustainable, embedded and effective.

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