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Parent and Carer Workshops

Our Parent/Carer Packs provide parents with a range of resources

Each session comes with an interactive PDF for all parents filled with 

reminder videos, guides on reporting, and technical advice 

(E.G. setting parental controls).

Parent/carer information sessions can be run face to face (Covid-19 permitting) or as a webinar.

Face-to-face sessions are of course subject to Covid-19 limitations, your school’s preference and the capacity and fit-out of your presentation space. In order to provide a more personalised online session, our webinars are capped at 100.

Extra Access will be provided to the school after the session. An edited presentation will be provided to all parents/carers for 2 weeks following the session’s presentation date to view at their leisure. We will provide access to the recording through our website.

You may like to poll your parent/carer community to determine the following:

whether a webinar or face to face session would be more convenient

a suitable range of dates and times to choose from

Parent/Carer Workshops

Early Years Online

(For parents of children in Prep - Grade 2)

1 hour + Q & A

This session focuses on: 

  • student wellbeing and device dependency
  • common online harms
  • setting screen time & communication limits
  • gaming and social media addiction
  • setting parental controls and media agreements
  • Evolve’s Digital Wellbeing Challenge
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Vulnerability Online

1 hour + Q & A

This session focuses on:

  • image-based abuse
  • sextortion
  • sexting and the law
  • cyberviolence in teen relationships
  • cyberbullying
  • objectification and ‘spectatorism’
  • exposure to graphic and pornographic content
  • online relationships and respect
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Game on!

(For parents of children in Grades 3-6)

1 hour + Q & A

This session focuses on:

  • digital wellbeing and setting limits
  • student wellbeing and device dependency
  • understanding device use in this age bracket
  • common online harms
  • social media, body image and self harm
  • pornography and gaming addiction
  • Evolve’s Digital Wellbeing Challenge
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Cybersafe Grandparents

(This session is suitable for grandparents and carers)

1 hour + Q & A

This session focuses on how to:

  • identify negative online behaviour
  • assess incident severity and next steps
  • deal with disclosures
  • resolve and report instances of cyberbullying
  • provide support to both target and instigator
  • manage offline ramifications
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(For parents of students 12+)

1 hour + Q & A

This session focuses on:

  • risk factors that may lead to higher levels of negative exposure in online environments
  • the specific skills these students need to prevent, identify and report dangerous or damaging content or behaviour
  • organisations that support schools with students at risk
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Online Safety and Digital Wellbeing

(Suitable for all ages)

1 hour + Q & A

This session focuses on:

  • popular social media platforms
  • student abuse of images of school employees
  • social media exposure and unwanted contact
  • reporting and the law
  • body image, airbrushing and identity
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