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Are you sharenting?
Awards and Certificates

Are you Sharenting?
Location Services Part 1

Are you Sharenting?
Location Services Part 2

Part 1

Part 2

Why hashtagging your kids
isn't a good idea!

The eSafety Guide

Digital Wellbeing on
Social Media

Social Media

Instagram - Tips for Parents

Snapchat - Safety Centre

Facebook - Family Safety Centre

Twitter - Safety Portal

Youtube - Policies & Safety

Turning Off DM Message Request


Nintendo - Parental Controls

XBOX One - Parental Controls

Playstation - Parental Controls

Device Management

Turning on Parental Controls...

How to limit sreen time...

How to Set Up Google Family Link

How to set up Microsoft Family...

Samsung Smartphones paren...

5 Ways to Make YouTube Safe...

Additional Resources

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