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We all have a responsibility to ensure children
in a safe and positive
way online.

Help your students
take control of their digital lives

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Evolve Education has been endorsed by the eSafety Commissioner as a Trusted eSafety Provider

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Learning Specialist & Grade 6 Teacher
What educators said about Steve and bec...

“Steve and Bec were energetic and highly engaging presenters. They tailored a PD to the needs to our staff and gave us the opportunity to reflect, share and discuss our own digital well-being.

They provided relevant and practical suggestions on how to effectively work with staff and students in a digital space. Our staff left the PD with purpose, direction, and ideas to action"

Learning Specialist & Grade 6 Teacher
The Lakes, South Morang College

Wellbeing Coordinator
What educators said about Steve and bec...

"Steve and Rebecca have excellent knowledge on equipping not only students but teachers in how to build skills and strategies when working online. Informative, engaging, and extremely insightful.

Wellbeing Coordinator
Meadowglen Primary School

Grade 5 Teacher - St Martin of Tours
What educators said about Steve and bec...

"Steve and Rebecca are both so obviously passionate about online safety and digital wellbeing. Their enthusiasm and ability to make relevant connections to the school settings contributed to a highly engaging presentation.

They equipped the staff at St Martin of Tours with the knowledge and resources to assist students with online safety concerns. I walked away from this presentation feeling empowered and determined to make online safety an important learning area in my classroom."

St Martin of Tours
5 Year Teacher

Steve Villani
What educators said about Steve...

“Steve, you are so good at engaging an
audience and making relevant connections that are easy to understand.

Clear, engaging & witty.

Very engaging and interesting to listen to.”

Steve Villani
What educators said about Steve...

“Steve was very engaging, his small personal narratives give insight and relevance to situations and scenarios. Both Steve and Rebecca were great at explaining technical vocabulary and programs."

Rebecca Martin
What educators said about Bec...

“So engaging, her real life scenarios and stories really stood out."

"Bec made me feel welcome and entertained. Always had a smile."

"Has a very professional approach, is pleasant and engaging."

Rebecca Martin
What parents said about Bec...

"This was a very informative presentation and gave me some great tips on how to limit my child's exposure to unsafe content across multiple devices. Rebecca was an amazing presenter and facilitator for the group. Rebecca's session encouraged me to objectively look at how I use devices and the ways I can limit negative exposure that may affect my child."

Early years parent

Rebecca Martin
What parents said about Bec...

"It's great to have so many practical tips to come away with and apply straight away. I thoroughly enjoyed this presentation and feel better prepared to deal with the challenges faced as a parent around screen time and internet use, You've really helped me address my concerns on this topic."

"Thank you so much!"

Early years parent

Rebecca Martin
What Educators said about Bec...

"Bec has excellent communication skills and are obviously very passionate about online safety. This helps the audience to become passionate too."

Anne, Family Planning Victoria
What educators said about bec...

“The presentation was great. Although I had a reasonable knowledge of cyber safety for young people, I still learnt a lot and now have some useful links to reference as my child gets older. Rebecca was very knowledgeable, warm and personable. A great presenter who knows how to adapt to her audience."

Family Planning Victoria

Chiara, Year 4 Teacher
What educators said about bec...

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you again for your engaging presentation this morning. You have opened up a lot of the kids' eyes to a fair few things they haven’t really taken notice of before. They have started having open and honest conversations about their online use with their parents and have been telling them about things that concern them.
I have already received a few messages from parents to say thank you for today too."

Year 4 Teacher

Janine, eSmart Coordinator
What Educators said about Steve & Bec...

"It was a great presentation. Bec and Steve are so easy to listen to, they held my attention the whole time."

eSmart Coordinator

Tom, Early Years parent
What Educators said about Steve & Bec...

"Thanks again for the session, I really enjoyed it – the content was engaging and really well presented. I’ve been to loads of cyber webinars and you guys nailed it! I’m a big advocate of online safety, and awareness is the most important preventative measure we can take."

Early Years parent

Dina, Grade 2 and Grade 6 parent
What Educators said about Steve & Bec...

"It was a wonderful presentation. I felt more informed and less lost re: this whole area. I can't wait for you to get into the school and teach the kids."

2 Year and 6 Year parent

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