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Review Packages

  • 1x Teacher Workshop
  • 1x Parent Workshop
  • 3x Student Workshops
  • 2x Teacher Workshops
  • 2x Parent Workshops
  • 6x Student Workshops
  • 1x Policy Review Session
  • Teaching and Learning Resources
  • 3x Teacher Workshops
  • 3x Parent Workshops
  • 12x Student Workshops
  • 2x Policy Review Sessions
  • Teaching and Learning Resources
  • Incident Response Service
  • 4x Teacher Workshops
  • 4x Parent Workshops
  • 3x Policy Review Sessions
  • 16x Student Workshops
  • Teaching and Learning Resources
  • Incident Response Service
  • School Wide Curriculum Coaching
  • Tailored Technical Support Service

At Evolve, we believe in a proactive approach to online safety education.

Our tailored programs provide holistic and sustainable online safety packages for the entire school community. We build social and emotional capabilities in way that is relevant and meaningful to every student.

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